7 Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

With summer coming in full swing, using our AC units will be vital to surviving the high heat temperatures. Here are some things to check an do for your AC unit to have it running smoothly all summer long.

Assess your thermostat: Checking your thermostat to ensure it is working efficiently is important to avoid any malfunctioning as this can interrupt your HVAC system’s cycle or cut off your AC altogether.

Change the filters: Replacing your filters every 45-90 days – depending on your circumstances – can prevent pollutants from getting into your home. Pet owners and residents in areas with abundant pollen should change their filters every 45 days; others may wait longer.

Check the refrigerant levels: Your air conditioning system uses refrigerant when it cools down your home. However, it will run out over time. Check it regularly to refill it before it hits empty.

Clean the condenser coils: Condenser coils contain the refrigerant while it’s in liquid form. Removing any dirt or debris from the condenser coils helps to ensure that they operate efficiently.  Be sure to turn off your condenser before cleaning.

Clean your air ducts: Over time, dust and debris may clog your ductwork, this can impact your unit’s efficiency and cause health concerns. Our technicians can inspect your ducts, develop and execute a plan to address any issues we notice.

 Move furniture, toys or anything that block your vents: Large furniture, toys and any other object that is placed in front of a vent can restrict airflow. Blocked vents can also strain your air conditioning system as it overworks to regulate the temperature.

Schedule routine maintenance appointments: Scheduling a professional maintenance appointment at least once a year, can help prevent system failures and keep your system running smoothly. During this appointment, technicians can inspect your system and address any functionality issues to ensure the unit works.


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