Water Purification Systems

NDI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing knows water filtration and its importance to good health. We install and service the most sophisticated water purification systems, including alkaline ones.

Residential Alkaline Water Systems

While there are many benefits to Reverse Osmosis water purification, the filtration process also removes beneficial minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. According to The World Health Organization, demineralized water can be absent of minerals needed to supplement our daily diets. In addition to leaving water tasteless, removing minerals leads to increased acidity in our bodies. Alkaline water systems raise the PH levels of water, which aids in regulating your body's PH levels and preventing chronic diseases.

Deluxe Under-Counter Water Ionizer

Transform drinking water to Optimal PH levels for healthy families and pets. This highly sophisticated unit uses electrolysis to produce two streams of water, one alkaline and the other oxidized.

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