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Plumbing Tips for the Holidays!

The holidays are a time of cheer and celebration… Unless you’re the host. Keeping up with 7+ guests can be a challenge, not to mention while dealing with unexpected issues.

Luckily, NDI is here to save your holidays! We’ve compiled a list of tips to keep your plumbing issues at bay until the end of the holidays.

  • Start off on the right foot by clearing your drains prior to guests arriving. Installing a simple drain strainer in your sinks and showers will ensure debris won’t get stuck in your pipes.

  • Purchase multiple trash bins. With multiple guests, some people might be throwing things away in the toilet that they shouldn’t. Having extra bins helps ensure that there is enough room to properly dispose of all waste.

  • If you have family from out of town staying with you, then you might have more showers than usual. Remind your guests to allow 15-minutes resting time in between each person.

  • Remember not to put grease down the drain. Don’t try to run hot water to melt grease because it will solidify and clog the drain.

  • Keep in mind that certain foods should not be put into the disposal. Try to opt for throwing items in the garbage can instead of the disposal.

  • Run cold water while you throw waste in the disposal. Run the water 30-60 sec after the disposal is off. This helps push the waste down.

If you do encounter any plumbing problems, call NDI Plumbing. We are equipped to fix any plumbing emergency and are eager to save your holiday.

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