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How to Remove Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains come from water that has a high mineral count. Limestone, calcium, and magnesium all love to make their homes in hard water. Their presence creates all kinds of problems. Problems like soap that doesn’t lather, dry skin, limescale, and the dreaded hard water stains.

The best way to prevent these problems from happening is by installing a whole-home water softener. While a water softener will prevent future water stains, however, it won’t do anything about the ones that are already there. If you’ve already got some annoying stains, here are three reliable ways to remove them.

Vinegar Solution

This is a cheap and simple solution. You probably already have regular, white vinegar in the kitchen. Put together a mixture of half water and half vinegar. Mix them in a spray bottle and spray the affected area. Scrub with a sponge or toothbrush depending on the size of the area. Don’t worry about the smell; you can re-clean the surfaces with something that smells a little less pungent afterward. This option is best for light and manageable stains.

Elbow Grease and a Little Baking Soda

If you’d like to avoid too many chemicals, you could always try some old-fashioned scrubbing. Apply baking soda at the site of the stain and rub it in with a coarse cloth or sponge. It’ll take longer than other methods, but if the stains are new, it’ll get the job done,

Hydrochloric Acid

Some cleaners are specially designed for the removal of hard water stains. These cleaners contain hydrochloric acid. Be careful, however: hydrochloric acid is a harsh chemical. We only recommend it as a last resort for stains that no other method seems to lift. When using these cleaners, make sure the room is well-ventilated and you’re wearing gloves to protect your hands.

Interested in taking some bigger steps toward the prevention of hard water stains in your home? Get in touch with the experts at NDI Plumbing today. We can talk to you about water testing and softening solutions we provide.

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