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Black Specks in Your Drinking Water

If you have black specks in your home’s water, something’s not right- and identifying the source of the problem is essential to fixing it and restoring your home’s supply of clean water.

Here are the most common sources of black specks and how to get rid of them.

Top 3 Sources of Black Specks in Water

1. Pipe Corrosion: Old pipes can begin to corrode after many years of use. Then they do, small, irregular pieces of pipe can break off and wind up in your water. Corroded pipes usually end up sending black specks through cold water taps, and these black specs are most apparent when your home’s water has been turned back on by the water company after a shut-off.

2. Pieces of corroded water heater: If you see black specks when you turn on your hot water in the tub, shower, or sink, your water heater is likely corroding, or the water lines to and from the water heater are corroded. It’s not uncommon for black specks to remain on the sides of sinks, tubs, and showers after the hot water has been turned off.

3. Pieces of broken parts: Are the black specks in your water small and rubbery? These could be disintegrated pieces of a rubber gasket, washer, or flexible supply hose. Rubber can begin to break down after years of use or because of disinfectants used in the city’s water supply.

How to Get Rid of Black Specks in Your Water

Depending on the source of your water’s black specks, cleaning up your water could involve:

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