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9 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Needs

If you are a new homeowner or someone looking to be more of a DIYer in 2020, certain plumbing tools can make your life easier. Here are the top nine tools we believe every homeowner should have in their toolbox.

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1. A Plunger
This is a given, but still very necessary. It’s important to keep a cup plunger for sinks and tubs and one flange plunger for toilet clogs.

2. Hand Auger
This is useful when your plunger can’t handle a clog. It’s a long, coiled metal wire connected to a hand crank. To use it, place the end of the wire in the drain and uncoil it using the hand crank.

3. Duct Tape
Due to its water-resistant nature, duct tape can be useful in small leaks. This can temporarily keep it from getting worse by wrapping duct tape around the leaking pipe. Duct tape creates a tight, temporary, water-resistant seal.

4. A Caulking Gun & Caulk
This is necessary for a more permanent watertight solution. Spot treating with a caulking gun will allow you to apply caulk smoothly and evenly.

5. Wrench Set (Pipe, Adjustable, Basin, and Strap Wrench)
An adjustable wrench can be used to handle hexagonal connections. A pipe wrench is useful when you need to lock on to pipe fittings. Strap wrenches can be used in place of a pipe wrench when you’re not dealing with high-pressure water. A basin wrench is useful when you need to tighten or loosen a fitting that’s out of reach.

6. Hacksaw
This probably won’t be as used as the rest of the recommended tools, but it’s still very necessary. Especially when it comes time for you to need it. This is a handheld saw strong enough to cut through PVC pipe, plastic or metal piping.

7. Pliers (Needle-nose)
These will be useful for clearing hair out of a shower/tub drain or when working with smaller fittings.

8. Thread Tape
Teflon tape is typically supplied with new plumbing fixtures, but this is handy if you make any alterations. Wrapping this on the male end in a clockwise fashion will ensure a tight seal.

9. Plumbers Putty
This is an alternative to duct tape if you’re dealing with a low-pressure situation. It’ll create a tremendous water-resistant seal.

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