Improve Your Health with Water

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

  Alkaline water produces an abundance of powerful antioxidants, hydrates 7x  more  than most drinking water, is  a  rich source of oxygen and improves body‘s pH.

Alkaline Water Research

  Alkaline water research is not new and discovering its effects on the  body’s pH earned Dr. Warburg the Nobel Prize  in 1931. “Neutralizing the acid in  your body significantly improves your health.” Many diseases, such as cancer and heart disease can be improved  by reducing the body’s acidity.

Acid Waste and Illness

       Our bodies come in contact with a plethora of toxins on a daily basis.  From the  food we eat to the air we breathe we are bombarded  with acid waste producing toxins.  Studies support raising pH  Levels  reduces this Acid and can  significantly improve overall  health. 

Custom Alkaline Water Units

Say goodbye to costly water deliveries  and the inconvenience and potential health risk of refilling plastic bottles forever. Now you can have Alkaline Water made right in your own home. A sleek faucet is professionally installed by one of our licensed technicians. Our one of  a kind system can be connected alone or to your existing RO System. Our sleek design fits easily under the sink; keeping counters clear and free of unsightly water purification systems. 

What makes our water better?

  Our  water system is the only natural Alkaline water purifier available, adding  calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium directly to your drinking water. We use only the highest quality materials made in the United States.

Additional Information

While we support and believe in  the decades of research behind body pH balancing and drinking Alkaline water for healthy living, we are not suggesting anyone change their health routine without consulting a liscensed physician. The  FDA has not evaluated the effects of consuming  Alkaline Water.